Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to our most commonly asked questions. We are always happy to help so if you cannot find the answer you need, contact us for more information.


General questions about Babyville Boutique Products:

Where can I buy Babyville Boutique products?
Babyville Boutique can be found at many stores including JoAnn’s, Hancock Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby and on the Internet at and You can also purchase the products through independent shops in your area. Visit our retail locator for more information.
Are Babyville Boutique products safe for babies and children?
Prym Consumer USA takes great pride in assuring consumer confidence when using our products. Babyville Boutique products meet or exceed Consumer Product Safety requirements for the US and Canada. 
Can I buy Babyville Boutique directly from Prym Consumer?
Prym Consumer does not sell directly, but with a wholesale license, you can purchase the products through many distributors. You may contact us for a list of distributors in your area.
Can I resell diapers made from your patterns?
You may use our patterns for resale without a licensing fee; however, you may not use any replication of the Babyville Boutique logo or copyrighted images. In addition, it is your responsibility to make sure you are not infringing on the rights of any commercial diaper patents.



What is PUL?
PUL is a polyurethane laminated fabric that is waterproof yet breathable. Because of its leak proof properties, it is perfect when sewing for babies and toddlers. PUL has a fabric side and a laminated side. Either side is suitable as the “right” side; it just depends on the project. One caution: You can steam press PUL on the fabric side but do not use an iron on the laminate side of PUL as it will damage the fabric.
How do I care for PUL?
PUL can be laundered using warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softeners and only use bleach occasionally when needed for extra sanitation. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting. PUL will not shrink so it is not necessary to prewash it before sewing.
Why do I have to seal PUL after stitching?
Because PUL is a laminate, needles and pins leave tiny holes in the fabric where leakage could occur. To re-seal these holes after sewing, place the PUL in a hot dryer for 20 minutes and you’re good to go! Occasionally, you may need to repeat the 20-minute cycle to completely seal the holes.
What is the easiest diaper for a beginner?
We suggest starting with a diaper cover edged in FOE (fold over elastic). This type of diaper can fit over prefolds or fitted diapers. Also choosing to use the EZ Adjust Tape™ as a tabbed hook and loop closure, is a great choice when first beginning to sew your “stash”.
How do I set up my sewing machine when stitching PUL?
We suggest using size 11 Ballpoint or size 10/12 Universal sewing machine needles and a good quality polyester thread. You need polyester thread since cotton thread may allow wicking. All machines are different so do a “test run” on a PUL scrap before starting your project in order to adjust the stitch length or tension.
Do I need to prewash PUL before sewing?
PUL fabric does not shrink so this isn’t necessary, but you may need to prewash other fabrics used in your projects.
How do I care for my PUL diapers?
It is very important to place your diapers in a hot dryer for 20 minutes after stitching to seal any holes made by the pins and needles. You can launder your diapers in warm water using any detergent suitable for diapers but do not add any fabric softeners. You can occasionally bleach them if necessary for extra sanitation, but repeated use can break down the lamination. After washing, you can hang to air dry or tumble dry on a low setting. If you use other fabrics as part of your diaper, make sure you read the manufacturers’ laundering instructions as well.
How many diapers can I sew from one yard of PUL?
Depending on the diaper size and placement of your pattern on the fabric, you should get 6-8 diapers per yard.
I would like to make snack bags using PUL. Is it food-safe?
Our PUL has passed all the necessary tests for use in children's products and Babyville PUL has passed all the required testing that is necessary for anything to be food safe; however, there is no certification from the FDA deeming any fabric to be "food safe."  Remember PUL does have a heat sensitive laminate side so any direct heat will damage it so it is not suitable for use in the microwave or other heating vessels.
Why is my PUL diaper leaking?
Generally, 99% of the time, leaking problems are due to the absorbency of the soaker. It may appear as if the PUL is leaking but heavy or fast wetting babies can be problematic so finding a the right soaker that absorbs quickly  is key. Older babies also learn to hold their urine, meaning when they go, it’s faster and heavy. Babyville Boutique’s Simply Soakers Pattern booklet has information on choosing the right soaker fabric combination as well as other helpful information. The tutorial, “The Challenge of Cloth Diapering the Heavy and Fast Wetter” will also give you more guidance and assistance.


Snaps and Pliers

Are my Babyville Boutique snaps and pliers compatible with other manufactures’ products?
Our snaps are a standard size so they should be compatible with other similar snap pliers that apply poly resin snaps. You can also use our pliers to apply any size poly resin snap as long as you use the correct die tray and pressing rod.
Why are my snaps cracking when I try to attach them?
Make sure you have the pliers set with the correct die tray and pressing rod. Also, the cap needs to be centered in tray so when you squeeze the pliers, the pressure is not offset.
Why are my snaps not “snapping” together properly?
Make sure you are using the right pressing rod for the size snaps you are applying. This can cause the stud portion to distort so it does not fit into the socket properly.
I lost my instructions. Where can I get another copy?
You can get all the instructions on the product page of our website. If you need a hard copy, use the contact us form and we will be happy to mail a copy to you.
My snap pressed off center – how do I remove it?
To remove a snap, use a pair of nail clippers to carefully snip the post off. Make sure you do not catch the fabric in the clippers when removing the snap.



Do I need to pre-wash my Babyville Boutique fold over elastic before using it?
No. The FOE does not shrink so there is no need to prewash.
What cause FOE to pick and pill?
FOE can become worn, snagged and pill over time if proper care is not given. Because it is a knit, it is subject to catching on anything rough or abrasive. When laundering an item with FOE, make sure you take precautions. Use laundry tabs to cover the hook side of EZ Adjust tape on diapers or cut matching squares of loop tape for other projects. Do not wash or dry any item with anything that has open zippers, rough embellishments or other abrasive surfaces. You can also apply FOE in reverse with the plush side on the inside to add longevity to your project.


Stay-Dri™ Wicking Fabric

What does a stay dry lining mean?
A Stay-Dri Wicking fabric lining allows wetness to quickly move (wick) through to an absorbent layer. In diapers, this is a soaker or other insert. This type of lining does not hold moisture and feels dry, keeping the skin cooler and more comfortable. Not only is it appropriate for diapers, but it is ideal for swimwear and athletic apparel.


EZ Adjust Tape™

What is the best way to attach EZ Adjust Tape?
We recommend you use a medium wide zigzag stitch that covers all the edges of the tape. This reinforces its durability and prevents any rough edges that could irritate sensitive skin.