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Use these handy layouts for maximizing the number of diapers yielded from the diaper pattern in the Babyville Boutique book, Cloth Diapers Made Easy. The layouts are based on one yard of Babyville PUL, 64ʺ x 36ʺ. 

For an innovative layout showing you how to get two large diapers from a Babyville Boutique PUL Diaper Cut (21ʺ x 24ʺ), see : How to get 2 Large diapers out of one Babyville PUL diaper cut!

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3 November 2015

I'm working with the Ultimate pattern and I'm having trouble understanding instructions when directed to stitch the yoke from foe to foe. After checking my cutting and seeing that I've cut correctly, my marks still don't seem to line up well when connecting the lining to the pul. Anyone else slow to figure out the directions? Pim missing something because even the pictures aren't making sense. Thank you for any help.

27 September 2013

Hi there! Usually best is to have the stretch go across the waist so that the fabric has a bit of "give" for a wiggly baby. :) All of the layouts shown on the left side of the above picture have the stretch going across the waist. (Diaper Layout A). Hope that helps!

26 September 2013

which way does the pattern go on he material.   Stretch around the waste or from back under leg to front? thank you making pull ups and not sure how to lay out the pattern,

Audrey Hoff
12 March 2013

Thank you for the post on layouts - that is very helpful.  Also just entered the contest for the babyville boutique products - would love to win!!!  I would choose girl products as I am diapering a baby girl after 3 boys.  So much fun - I love the brown with pink swirls pul.

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