Embellishing a diaper or diaper cover is easy and a great way to add a bit of personality to your baby's stash. This tutorial will show you how to perfectly place your embroidery design every time for a fantastic finished product. 

Note : This tutorial uses our adorable Snow Cute Embroidery Freebie from a previous post. You'll find Krista's brand new Halloween Kitty embroidery download at the END of this post. 

Start by tracing your pattern onto your diaper cover fabric using a disappearing marking pen.  In this tutorial, I am using white PUL and a blue marking pen. Be sure to mark on the fabric side of the PUL and not the coated side.

1. With a ruler, draw a line between the two back leg elastic points.

2. Draw a line down the center of the traced pattern so that it crosses the first line.

3. Hoop your PUL making sure the coated side is on the underside and you are using the marked centered points to align it perfectly in your hoop.

4. Attach your hoop to the machine. Then, take a scrap of PUL that is 2.5 times the height of your design and at least an inch wider on each side and slide it under the hoop so the coated side of the PUL is facing the coated side of diaper fabric.

5. Cut a square of medium weight cut away stabilizer that is about 6”x6” or a little larger than the finished embroidery design. You will also need to position the stabilizer under the hoop, placing it underneath the PUL scrap.

6.  Load your embroidery design, check to make sure it is centered, then stitch.

7. When the design is finished stitching, remove it from the hoop and trim the stabilizer away close to the stitching.

8. Fold your scrap piece of PUL to cover the back of the design.

9. Position the diaper on your sewing machine with the covered design on the bottom.  Moving the diaper out of the way, stitch close to the edge of the design on the scrap piece of PUL, creating a “pouch” for the design.

10. Remove diaper from your machine and trim the excess PUL on the “pouch” close to the stitching. 

11. Finish the diaper according to your diaper pattern instructions. Use a plain water rinse to remove the disappearing marks from the diaper (Note, using detergent or other laundry additives can set the marks!), then place it in dryer on a hot cycle for 20 minutes to seal all holes.  Your super cute embroidered diaper is now ready for baby to wear!

Krista also has a super cute new goodie for all of you & your little trick-or-treaters! Just click the link or image to download a zip folder with all the embroidery files for this Halloween Kitty, then pick the file needed for your machine. Happy Halloween! 

Click here to download.

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Krista T. is a multi-talented work-at-home mom with six children. It wasn’t until the birth of Krista’s fourth child that she began sewing and designing. She...Read more


23 September 2015

How cool is this?! I found you via the pinterest party …and I’m pinning! too cute!

2 October 2013

I was disappointed that most of the pumpkin design was just an outline.Why do you show it completely filled in?

Jean K.
10 October 2013

I'm sorry if this was confusing to you. If you look closely, you will see tht the pumpkin is not filled with embroidery stitches, it is appliqued with cotton velour. This techique is applique embroidery which is why the embroidery file you received is an outline stitch in that area. If you need more help with the embroidery part of this tutorial (the tutorial is for "Perfect Placement") please post another comment with your email included in the appropriate box for the webmaster and we will have the designer contact you with complete instructions for the embroidery.

1 October 2013

This is such a cute idea and I love the design. thank you for sharing it!!!

Nancy at Embroideryit.com
30 September 2013

I want to tell you thank you for the tutorial to make these diaper covers.  I've been looking at making some for craft shows as I think they would be a great seller.  Thank you!!!

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