Why make a two-sized option? Here are a few of the many reasons:

• Custom fit without a lot of extra fabric as with one-size diapers

• Fewer diapers are required, enabling parents to skip sizes

• Siblings who are similar in size can share diapers

• NB/SM will fit a tiny newborn well but last longer than a few weeks for the fast-gaining baby

• SM/M pattern will fit a young baby possibly all the way through to potty training, but at least into toddlerhood 

• M/L pattern will almost surely fit an older baby right through potty training

Materials Needed:

  • Babyville Boutique Diaper Patterns
  • Tracing Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marking Pen (different colors may come in handy)
  • Pattern Weights, if desired
  • Ruler
  • The usual supplies for making a diaper or cover, plus extra snaps

The instructions below are for a NB/SM conversion but the principles are the same for any two consecutive sizes.  Simply use the larger of the two sizes as the basis for the pattern.


  1. Trace the Babyville Boutique SM diaper pattern found in Cloth Diapers Made Easy. Because we want this diaper to work for a smaller baby as well, I suggest tracing the trim-fit version. Mark elastic placements on the pattern and yoke cutting lines if desired, but do not mark snap/EZ Adjust Tape placement. Cut out pattern. 
  2. Place your traced SM pattern over the Babyville Boutique Newborn pattern, matching the centerfold line and the top of the pattern. The wings of the SM will stick out a bit from the NB pattern.
  3. Transfer the NB snap/EZ Adjust Tape markings onto your traced pattern.
  4. The NB pattern is approximately 2 ½" shorter in total length (rise) than the SM pattern. Therefore, we want the ability to shorten the rise by this amount. (For other sizes, measure the difference between the two sizes in total length and record this measurement.)
  5. To make an adjustable rise, add two sets of snaps to the front of the diaper. Begin by placing a mark 1 ½" in from the center of the pattern and 1" below the bottom row of snaps or EZ Adjust Tape. Place a second mark 2 ½" below this (or the measurement you recorded in step 4). 

  6. Trace your pattern onto PUL and transfer markings for elastic and EZ Adjust Tape or snaps as well as the rise snaps.
  7. To apply rise snaps, simply back the laminated side of the diaper with scraps of PUL and place studs at the top and sockets at the bottom. Both the sockets and the studs will face out toward the print side of the PUL. 
  8. Now, you simply finish sewing your diaper or cover as usual. To use as the smaller size, snap the rise snaps and for the larger size, leave them undone.


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Carly Howell-Merrell
3 September 2014

So excited about making my own diapers! :)

9 April 2014

When adding gussets to a two-size diaper, should the gusset be sized for the smaller size or the larger size? Also, can a gusset be added to a turned-and-topstitched yoked diaper?

12 March 2014

So excited to try this out!

15 January 2014

I am a new mom-to-be and excited to make this diaper! But, I am concerned that the rise adjustment snaps are below the start of the elastic. Won't that make a gap in the leg holes so the diaper wont be tight, leading to leakage?

30 November 2013

I made a few of these, but what size soakers should I make to stuff them with? nb or small?

31 March 2013

I've just made my first NB/SM diaper cover for our little man (due in July) and I'm hooked! Thank you for this tutorial, it was super helpful since I didn't have a diaper or baby to model after! Looking forward to making more cute diapers for the little one!

18 November 2012

I made several NB/SM pockets for my baby, and they worked wonderfully. They are in NB such a short time that this is a great way to extend the use of those cute little diapers. If I have another I will make more of these. She is 10 months now and comfortably fits the MD/LG ones that I had made for my 3 yo, and they will fit until potty training, so another great use stretcher.

Joanna L
2 December 2013

I made mine trifolds with one direction the length of the smaller size and the other direction the length of the bigger size. One layer flannel and one terry worked well or four layers of flannel.

Joanna L
13 December 2013

Mine were 10" by 12" rectangles for NB-Sm, folded in 3rds.

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