We know this time of year is super busy, but you can make the cutest headbands for your girly girl in almost no time using Babyville’s fold over elastic and a few pretty embellishments.

We chose flowers for our headbands because what girl doesn’t love flowers? We created our own ribbon roses, but you can save time by purchasing premade flowers. Our roses are easy to make but since flowers are so trendy chic right now, check your local stores for a variety of shapes and styles. We found crocheted flowers, fabric flowers and even sparkly bejeweled flowers.

To make our basic FOE headband, simply cut the elastic to the desired size, overlap the raw edges and zigzag them together. To embellish the headband with flowers, you can either glue or sew them over the stitched seam line. If you’re not sure of the headband size, here are the general measurements to cut your elastic:

  • 13 ¾ʺ - newborn
  • 15ʺ - 3 to 6 months
  • 16 ¼ʺ - 6 to 12 months
  • 17 ¼ʺ - 12 months to tween
  • 18 ¼ʺ - adult

If you want add a ribbon rose to your headband like we did, here are the basic instructions for a simple ribbon rose:

Supplies needed:

  • ½ yd. of 1 ½ʺ wide wire-edge ribbon in rose color of choice
  • 1/3 yd. of 1 ½ʺ wide wire-edge ribbon in green for leaf


1. To make flower, make a knot in one end of the flower ribbon, leaving a small tail on the end.

2. Starting at the other end of the ribbon, push wire straight out on one edge and continue pulling it out to gather ribbon along the one edge.

3. Holding the knotted end, roll the gathered ribbon edge around the knot to form flower. 

4. Using the extended wire from ribbon edge, wrap it around the knotted end to secure the rolled ribbon. Shape the ribbon petals to form the rose shape.

5. For leaf, find the center of the ribbon then fold ribbon ends down to form a point. Gather the ribbon ends by twisting them together. If needed, you can wire or baste the ends to secure shape.

6. Glue or stitch leaf to underside of ribbon rose.

7. Glue or stitch the rose onto the FOE headband, covering the seam.


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