Fold Over Elastic is one of the most versatile supplies in your sewing room. In diaper making, the most common use of Fold Over Elastic (FOE) is for gathering both the back and the leg openings, and to finish the raw edges of a diaper or diaper cover. However, did you know this multipurpose elastic could be used for everything from headbands to cord ties? Here are just a few ways to use our fabulous Babyville Boutique FOE. Be forewarned, we couldn’t stop at just 5 ways to use FOE!

1. Make FOE Headbands

Elastic headbands are everywhere and they are super easy to make. Simply cut the FOE to the measurement you need, hand or machine stitch the ends together then attach or clip a bow or other embellishment to it. For a no-sew option, you can tie a knot for a bow or knot the ends for a simple hair tie. These make great inexpensive gifts that everyone will love.

You’ll find Instructions for some FOE Headbands here:

No Sew Flower Headbands

Folded Fabric FOE Headbands (shown above)

Embellished FOE Headbands

2. Make Sneaker Laces

Add pizazz to sneakers with FOE shoelaces! Simply cut the appropriate length of FOE, then lace it through the eyelets, tie and you’re done!

3. Organize with FOE

FOE loops are simply the best way to secure crayons and markers to an art tote or crayon roll. These stretchy holders keep supplies organized and neatly tucked away for kids on the go!

You’ll find these project instructions on our blog:

Pirate Tote

Marking Pen Organizer

4. Make Cable Cord Wraps

Keep electronic cords organized and neatly stored by making handy FOE wraps. These are perfect for laptop and tablet power cords, earbuds, USB cables and even everyday extension cords. It’s a simple project for controlling “cord clutter” and you only need a snap and a small leftover piece of your FOE. It’s that easy!

5. Make a FOE Bracelet

All you need is a simple loop of FOE, add a closure and you have an adorable stretchy bracelet for yourself or your favorite teen. Cool!

6. Make a Strap for Flip-Flops

Attach FOE to flip-flops to create a back strap. It keeps thong sandals secure on the foot. Great for kids and adults!

FOE Flip Flops

7. Make a FOE Belt

FOE makes fantastic stretchy belts. Use a decorative buckle or D-rings to make this trendy fashion accessory.

8. Make a FOE Bookmark or Page Minder

You’ll never lose your place again with this clever FOE Bookmark! It’s like a bungee cord for your book, notebook or journal.

Notebook FOE Band

9. Make a Pacifier Leash!

Attach a mitten clip to one end of a FOE strap, then add a snap closure on the other end to secure babies pacifier. This handy tether clips to baby’s clothing and keeps the all-important pacie close so baby stays happy!

Pacifier Leash

10. Add FOE Trim

FOE makes an excellent finished edge on so many projects. It’s a fast way to finish a project and add a decorative touch at the same time. Stitch it around a baby’s bib for an adorable shower gift, finished in no time!

You’ll find instructions for making these cute FOE trimmed bibs here:

Pocket Bib

Reversible Bib

Berry Cute Bib

11. FOE Straps

Stretchy FOE makes fantastic straps for lightweight backpacks and small book bags. Measure, cut and stitch to attach. How easy is that?

Girl’s Backpack

We know you’ll find dozens of more uses for Babyville Boutique FOE! For more information on attaching FOE to diapers and diaper covers, be sure to check out our video and .pdf tip sheet.


Download our Tips and Technique PDF

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