Add a little whimsy to your potted Easter flowers with a colorful PUL cover. The decorative cover not only hides the garden shop plastic container but the waterproof fabric protects your furniture surface from dirt and water spots. Sew one as a gift – what a delightful way to add some Easter cheer to a hospital room or nursing home.  

Supply List:

  • Babyville Boutique® PUL - solid color for container cover
  • PUL scraps – chevron print and assorted solid colors for appliques
  • Babyville Ribbon pieces – assorted designs and widths
  • Babyville FOE – to accent container edge
  • Fabric paint markers
  • Ruler and measuring tape
  • Regular sewing supplies
  • Click here to download our Chick & Egg Applique Patterns

Directions:   1/2ʺ seam allowance

  1. Measure plant container to determine size to cut PUL. Use a measuring tape to find the height and then around the pot to determine the circumference. Add 1ʺ to both measurements to accommodate seam allowances. Cut cover PUL to this measurement and set aside.  
  2. For bottom of cover, place planter on plain paper and trace around to create a template. Add 1ʺ around circle for seam allowance. Use template and cut one PUL piece for cover bottom.
  3. For appliques, download pattern sheet for templates. Cut one chick from yellow PUL, one each zigzag egg halves from chevron PUL, and at least two egg shapes from assorted solid color PUL.  
  4. On solid color egg shapes, sew various ribbon strips in desired pattern. Trim ribbon edges even with egg shape.
  5. Position the applique shapes on right side of PUL cover using the project photo as a guide. (Be sure to find the center of the cover for placement so seam will be on the back.) 
  6. Use either fabric glue or pins to hold in place and stitch appliques to cover using a narrow zigzag with matching thread. Note: If you have any puckering when stitching, use a stabilizer under the fabric to eliminate this. 
  7. For applique details, use fabric markers to draw and color eye and beak on chick.
  8. Fold cover right sides together and stitch side seam. Pin bottom circle to stitched cover, right sides together, then stitch. Trim seam allowance and clip curves along bottom, and turn to right side.
  9. Without stretching, stitch FOE to top, encasing raw edge, using a three-step zigzag or regular wide zigzag stitch. Overlap ends and use a narrow zigzag to cover raw edge. 
  10. To finish, place finished cover in dryer on high heat for 20 minutes to close t needle holes, keeping the cover waterproof.
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