It’s easy to create a boutique-style stacked bow when you use the right widths of ribbon along with the perfect coordinating designs. The new Babyville ribbon collections are perfect for these bows because you get the design and widths all in one package. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create three different bows that stack perfectly, creating an adorable bow for any occasion. 


  • Babyville Boutique® Mod Girl Flowers Ribbon Collection
  • Upholstery weight thread
  • Alligator clip
  • Large salon hair clip
  • Dritz® Fray Check
  • Dritz Disappearing Ink Pen
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Hot glue


Bow 1: Pinwheel Bow

1. Cut a piece 7/8ʺ wide ribbon 20ʺ long. Cut the ends into an inverted V shape then seal ends with Dritz Fray Check.

2. Using the ruler or measuring tape and disappearing ink pen, mark the wrong side of the ribbon every 4ʺ.

3. Fold the ribbon along each of these marks as shown in the photo.

4. Place the long salon clip onto the middle of the ribbon to hold it in place. Using the upholstery weight thread, wrap around the ribbon a few times making sure the thread is not around the clip.

5. Pull the thread ends tight and tie in a double knot to secure. Place a dot of Fray Check on the knot. Leave the thread tails long. Set aside.

Bow 2: The Surround Bow

1. Cut a piece of 3/8ʺ wide ribbon 19ʺ long; seal ribbon ends with Fray Check. Fold ribbon in half and mark center with the disappearing ink pen. Fold it in half again and mark that center. You should have three marks on the ribbon.

2. Take a ribbon end and loop it to the left of the first mark. Put a small dot of glue to hold it in place.

3. Find the next mark (second mark) on the ribbon and loop it so that mark is to the right of the first mark. Glue this end as well.

4. Loop the ribbon again so the third mark is below the second mark, then glue.

5. Take the end of the ribbon and place it to the left of the third mark, then glue. You should have four equal loops. Set bow aside.

Bow 3: The Boutique Bow

1. Cut a piece of 5/8ʺ wide ribbon 14ʺ long. Seal ends with Fray Check. Fold in half and on back of ribbon, mark center using the disappearing ink pen. Fold the ribbon in half again and mark the folds.  You should now have three marks on the ribbon.

2. Bring end of ribbon over to the middle mark. Place a small dot of glue to hold it in place.

3. Loop the other end of the ribbon and position it over the middle mark as well, forming a figure 8.  Glue the end down.

4. Take the center mark from one of the loops, position it over the middle mark and glue. Repeat with the center mark on the other loop. You should now have four loops.

5. Secure the glued ribbon with a long salon clip. Repeat wrapping the ribbon around the ribbon as with the pinwheel bow.

6. Pull the thread tight and again tie it off on the backside with double knot leaving long thread tails. Place a dot of Fray Check over the knot. Turn it over and adjust the loops if needed. Set bow aside. 

Finished Bow: Stacked Three Tiered Bow

1. You should now have three different bows: pinwheel, surround and boutique.

2. Center the surround bow (bow 2) and glue it on top of the pinwheel bow (bow 1). Take the long upholstery thread tails from the pinwheel bow and tie them around the center of the surround bow.

3. Next, glue the boutique bow (bow 3) on top of the surround bow and tightly tie these thread tails around middle, securing the three bows together. Tie a double knot, then seal knot with Fray Check.

4. Take a piece of the narrow 3/8ʺ ribbon and tie a loose knot about 1ʺ from the end. Cut the ribbon so it's approximately 2ʺ long with the knot in the center, then seal ends with Fray Check.

5. Glue the ribbon knot onto the middle front of the bow. Carefully wrap the ends of the ribbon around to the back of the stacked bows and glue the ends securely on the back.  Adjust the loops if needed.

6. To cover the alligator clip with ribbon, use a piece of the 3/8ʺ ribbon and seal one end with Fray Check. Start with that end and glue the ribbon to the bottom of the clip to secure. Next, wrap the ribbon   up and across the top, then over along the inside to determine how much you will need to cover the top and bottom of the clip’s upper prong. Cut the ribbon to this length and seal end with Fray Check.

7. Now glue the ribbon to the clip along the top, over and across the inside of the clip.

8. Glue the wrapped clip onto the back of the bow and you are finished!

Now that you’ve made these three styles, you can also create a single bow by using the knotted piece on the pinwheel or boutique bow. Cover the clip and you have a quick simple bow. 

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