Template plastic is the best way to ensure the longevity of your pattern pieces while also leaving the original pattern in perfect condition for future use. This tutorial uses the Babyville diaper pattern from the Cloth Diapers Made Easy book and shows you the best way to make a full-size durable diaper pattern that you don’t need to flip or rotate.


  • Babyville Boutique® Cloth Diapers Made Easy book’s diaper pattern
  • Clear Template Plastic – 1-2 sheets, depending on pattern size
  • Craft Scissors (not your good fabric scissors!)
  • Permanent Marker or Template Marking Pencil
  • Clear Packing Tape


1. First assemble all the supplies. Most template plastic sheets are 12ʺ x18ʺ. For this tutorial, I will be tracing the Babyville square winged medium trim-fit pattern which requires 2 pieces of template plastic. A newborn diaper usually requires only 1 piece.

2. Unfold your pattern sheet and note all the pattern sizes and markings.  Become familiar with all the pattern pieces, markings and cutting lines you will be using for your particular pattern choice.

3. If needed, tape two sheets of template plastic together with clear package tape. Your pattern size will determine where you need to tape the plastic for the best use. I taped the 18ʺ edges. Lay the plastic on top of the pattern sheet and align straight edges of pattern and with straight edge of plastic. (Note: Plastic is shown slightly off the pattern for illustration purposes only). I’m not using the pocket flap on this pattern so I will not be tracing that on my template plastic. Again, familiarize yourself with your pattern options.  Use the permanent marker and trace the pattern cutting lines on the plastic sheet.

4. Be sure to add all the markings such as the stars or dots at the elastic points.  Once traced, you should have half a diaper template.

5. Rotate template plastic 180 degrees, then align next pattern piece on the plastic, being sure not to overlap. This will allow room to trace the other half of the pattern.

6. Trace again as in first pattern piece, being sure to transfer all the pattern markings.

7.  Using craft scissors cut out the two diaper pattern templates, then use the packing tape to tape them together along center front (straight) edge. You now have a full-size diaper pattern template that allows faster tracing and easier placement for fabric designs that may need to be “fussy” cut.

Optional: Once you have all the markings on your pattern template, you can use a small craft drill or hole punch to allow for marking snap and elastic points directly on your diaper fabric. Use your disappearing marker through the hole for accurate placement. 

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