Create an adorable ribbon bow for your special girl in just a few minutes!


  • Babyville Boutique Ribbon® package, Little Birds
  • Hot pink 1/8ʺ curly grosgrain ribbon, four 1 ½ ʺ lengths
  • *Belle Button™ pink flower, 11/16ʺ (Optional)
  • 1-1/2ʺ Hair clip
  • Large straight pins and pin cushion
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Heavy duty thread
  • Dritz® Fray Check
  • High strength adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure


1. Cut 3/8ʺ wide ribbon to 4ʺ length. On hair clip, start at underside of flat tab and apply adhesive to top of clip. Open clip and apply adhesive to underside of clip top. Place ribbon on adhesive, folding under to cover clip ends. Hold in place until secure. 

2. Cut 7/8” ribbon to 27 ½ʺ  length. Starting 5 ½ʺ from one end, with right side out, fold the ribbon under to form first loop and tail. Fold ribbon back over top at cut end. Continue to fold back and forth until all the ribbon has been folded, leaving 5 ½ʺ for other tail. It is important to have all loops the same size to properly form bow.

3. Insert pin at center of looped ribbon and then into pin cushion. Fan loops to form bow shape. Pin loops in place.

4. Thread hand needle with heavy duty thread and knot several inches from end. Stitch a running stitch down the center of the bow. Remove pins and then pull thread to gather ribbon. Stitch to secure thread. Trim thread ends. Cut ribbon ends at angle and apply Fray Check to ends.

5. Cut 5/8ʺ wide ribbon to 28ʺ length.  Repeat steps 3 – 5, folding the ribbon at 4ʺ from one end to start.

6. Stack ribbon sections, starting with 7/8ʺ ribbon bow, 5/8ʺ ribbon bow then add the 4 ribbon curls. Stitch all sections together using a hand needle and thread. *For children three and older, you can also add a flower button to finish bow. Be sure to securely stitch the button on the ribbon bow using hand needle and strong thread.

7. Glue finished bow to top of ribbon covered hair clip.

*Warning: Choking hazard – small parts are not for children under three years.

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