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Baby Velcro Shoe Hack

I really wanted to use them because they are the cutest little high top baby shoes ( I mean, what baby shoes aren’t the cutest??).  If only I could pull them just a little tighter. Enter my Dritz snap tool and snaps...


Babyville Boutique - Adorable Woodland Diaper Covers!

A new item we got to try from Babyville Boutique, are the Boutique Snake Soakers and let me just say, WE LOVE THEM!!!!! Unlike most other types of cloth diaper soakers/inserts, they are topped with a plush microfleece which is not only safe against babies skin, it helps keep it dry!


Babyville Boutique Product Review and Giveaway! by Mommy on the Loose

What’s special about their products?  For starters, they offer PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric which is waterproof—fantastic for baby stuff!  They also have this amazing Pull Over Elastic, which of course can be used to add stretch to an item, or it can just be used as a decorative finish (which provides a handy solution to all your edge-hiding woes!)  I think my favorite thing, though, is that they have ways to coordinate everything.  They have appliques, labels, and ribbons to match the different fabric patterns so you can add a special touch to any project....


Babyville Boutique Review & Giveaway! by Funky Frugal Mommy

These are the products I received and I am super excited to create more amazing projects with them. My next project is going to be a wet bag for my kids wet clothes when we are out and about....


14 Most Popular Dog Lover DIY Posts of 2014 it’s time for our secret favourite: Dog Lover DIY Projects!


Babyville Boutique DIY Leash Bags

Jodi Chick creates DIY Leash Bags using the perfect material for the job: Babyville PUL.


Interested in Sewing? Babyville Boutique Has Got a Few New Things up Their Sleeve!

Coming to stores near you, they now have a new line called “Yep, that’s MY baby“ for all the babies in your life. This means projects for your older children to wear as well as patterns for your fur babies!


Babyville Boutique’s Newest Line-Up- First Look!

When Babyville Boutique confided in me they are introducing a new line of fabrics, ribbons, fold over elastic, labels, and patches, as well as premade soakers (two to a pack, perfect for completing your DIY diapers and a lifesaver considering many fabric stores don’t carry the materials needed to make the most efficient and absorbent soakers) I was thrilled to dust off my sewing machine.


Babyville Partners with Diaper Bank of North Carolina

Introducing a cloth-diapering program to our mission provides the promise of comfort and better health for children, and peace of mind for parents. 


DIY Dog Silhouette Pillow

Add a bit of dog friendly fun to your deck with this easy, DIY Dog Silhouette Pillow made from waterproof PUL fabric. The custom silhouette makes it a great project for people with mixed breeds and rare breeds.