About Babyville Boutique®

Babyville Boutique is about sewing and crafting for your family, friends and pets. Babyville was “born” when a new generation of parents embraced an emerging lifestyle trend of wanting healthier and environmental friendly products for their baby.  As more families became conscience of this lifestyle choice, many creative moms began sewing cloth diapers for their babies and toddlers for both social and economic reasons. As a leader in the creative industry, we recognized the need to develop a product line that allowed these modern sewists to easily find and successfully use the products they needed.

Babies grow in a blink of an eye and so did Babyville Boutique. What began as a complete coordinated DIY cloth diapering program has now evolved into a creative source of products and inspiration that reaches far beyond the nursery. Our whimsical designs, high-quality waterproof PUL fabrics and all the coordinating appliques, iron-ons, labels, ribbons and more expand the scope of Babyville to include creating fun projects and gifts for the whole family.

Our talented designers have been busy creating books and patterns and we now have dozens of projects and tutorials on our website. Babyville is about inspiration and education. Our instructional videos along with our new Tips and Techniques page will show you how easy it is to express your creativity. Finding ideas and having fun making them is Babyville’s goal. Whether it’s the family pet, home décor, special celebrations or fashionable accessories, Babyville Boutique is the perfect choice for today’s modern sewists and crafters. The creative possibilities are endless and we are delighted to design and manufacture products that support today’s lifestyle.

Happy Sewing and Crafting!